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I took other photos in Arizona, but this is the best. It's two bees inside the cup of a pumpkin flower. I used a flash. Warning: this one is extra-big when you click on it (because it's extra-awesome).


glorious beeees!

Hello Chris,

My name is Kathi and I live in Arizona, this is an awesome picture!! I have been on the web searching for a picture with 2 bees. I have a friend who will be married in 2 weeks and I am hosting a Wedding Shower for her and then groom. I am giving favors to the guests that are 1oz jars of honey and they will say on them "Meant to Bee", I am wondering if I could use your picture (if it works :), not sure that it will) to put on the avery labels that I am going to put on the jars? If it would be ok, please could you email me and let me know? If it does work, I could send you a picture of the finished product.

Thank you...


Can I use this pic in a multimedia coursework? a Reference to your blog would be made.

RESPONSE FROM CHRIS: Sure, as long as the work is non-commercial, and this copyright notice is included: Copyright © 2005 Chris Higgins.

Hi Chris
I was absolutely blown away by this photograph! Amazing!! Bees make me smile. I'm just in the process of launching an online boutique where I will be selling my own hand made beeswax candles and I've been searching around for some unique pics of bees to use on my website.
I'm also into photography, but since I'm from Canada, right now, getting out to shoot pics of bees is impossible. ;-) so until that time I was wondering if I could use your photo.
I'd really appreciate hearing back from you.
Thank you.

Hi Chris,

May I use your awesome bees image on my online journal? I would certainly include the copyright notice.

I, uh, have a thing for bees...

Hi :]
This picture is awesome! I love that you kept it big to show all the details. What camera do you use? I'm actually looking for a new one and stumbled on your picture.


Excellent picture. I saw your above post and I would like to use your pic on our beekeeping group website. We are a community group of beekeepers sponsored by the Florida Agricultural Museum.

Feel free to browse our site or email me with Q's

Thank you & nice work!!

Randall Shane, PhD

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