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Week 128 of mental_floss blogs


Week 127 of mental_floss blogs


Yet another short week, due to Labor Day.

Week 126 of mental_floss blogs


Another short week, due to vacation timing and some stuff getting lost in the server shuffle.

Week 125 of mental_floss blogs


I took a few weeks off to buy a house, so only did my minimum required posts this week. Well, two weeks. But still, let's call it a week.

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Week 123 of mental_floss blogs


Contacting Chris Higgins

I'm a writer based in Portland, Oregon. I mostly write for Mental Floss magazine (and their website), though I recently had a story on This American Life, and had a cover story last year in The Portland Mercury.

You can follow me on Twitter for occasional jokes, or find me on Facebook for updates on writing and utterly shameless self-promotion.

I'm also a mobile website and smartphone app developer. I work for Cloud Four. In years past, I worked with Night & Day Studios; I helped create Peekaboo Barn, Peekaboo Wild, Big Fat Lies, Life in Short, Cocktail Compass, Nick Jr.'s A-Z With Moose and Zee, Quibble, Savage Love, and a bunch of other apps.

Need to email me? Click the following link, follow the instructions, and you'll have my email address: get Chris's email address.

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Note: I'm not the (apparently famous) hockey player with the same name! You'll have to find his homepage in order to contact him.