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Neighbor's Igloo - After

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...and this is what remained of the igloo a few days later. I forgot to mention in my earlier post that it took them the better part of a day to build the igloo, and much drinking was done by the parents (who occupied mainly a managerial role from the porch). I recall overhearing some cries of pain and admonishments about putting out someone's eye, followed by stern commands to reinforce the igloo, which the kids rebutted by yelling "it's not an igloo, it's an ICE HOLE."

Neighbor's Igloo - Before



Apologies for the out-of-focus photo. Our neighbors made an igloo in their back yard during the ice storm, and the kids stayed in there for quite a while. At one point in the evening (11pm?) I let the dog out in our back yard and heard kid-noises coming from the total darkness. I'm just saying if I put my kids in an igloo I'd at least give them some basic provisions and a flashlight. I'm not sure what the little crumb-things are to the lower right of the igloo. I would guess it's a trail of potato chips leading to a bear trap.

Another Icy Window

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Eventually I'll run out of ice storm photos -- but not yet. This is another icy storm window.

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