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Icy Satellite Dish

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Our neighbor's contribution to the SETI research effort during the ice storm.

Icy Branches

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I like this one. Ice covering the branches of a tree, during the, uh, Ice Situation of '04. This is one of the four trees around our house in the grassy bits by the road (I want to call those medians, but that's clearly wrong). I'm not sure what kind of trees they are. One of them lost a couple of major limbs during the thaw.

Oh, and the thing in the lower left corner is a power line.

Icy Signs



Street signs on the corner during the ice storm.

Icy Window



This is a picture taken from outside the house, looking into the bedroom window. The windows on that side of the house were covered with thick ice. The red thing is a red curtain pulled to one side, and the "flash" looking thing is actually a bright lamp inside, in the next room. Neat, huh?

Icy Lilac Tree

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Lot going on in this one. The stuff in the foreground is ice encasing one of the lilac trees. I wonder if this will affect its ability to bloom?

Icy Gate Ornament

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This is the top of our neighbor's metal gate leading into their back yard, during the Snow Event.

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