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Sea Grass at the Beach

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Just a picture of some grassy thing at sunset. Gearhart, Oregon.

Words That Rhyme With Corey

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Note for search engine visitors: this page just talks about words that rhyme with Corey. Check out RhymeZone, a free online rhyming dictionary.

I have long been interested in words that rhyme with Corey. Friends in high school sometimes added words to the known list, though I probably forgot a bunch of them. Later, at work, Jeremy Ripley and I would try to think of more words instead of developing web-based groupware. I couldn't find a list of words that rhyme with Corey on the web, so this is the one master resource for your Corey rhyming needs.

"Hi, you've reached the Corey hot-line. $4.95 a minute. Here are some words that rhyme with Corey:"

  • gory
  • story
  • allegory
  • Montessori
  • hoary
  • inventory
  • cacciatore
  • glory
  • depillatory
  • Maurey
  • participatory
  • olfactory
  • lorry
  • territory (from Kathy)
  • statutory (from Kathy)
  • ambulatory (from Sasha)
  • deregulatory (from Lyza)
  • 'cock-and-bull story' (officially recognized as a word by dict.org) (from Lyza)
  • dilatory (from Lyza)
  • hunky-dory (from Lyza)
  • laudatory (from Lyza)
  • promontory (from Lyza)
  • statutory (from Lyza)
  • transitory (from Lyza)
  • undulatory (from Lyza)
  • respiratory (from Lyza)
  • inflammatory (from Lyza)
  • observatory (from Lyza)
  • lavatory (from Lyza)

Of course, if you have more words that rhyme with Corey, please post them as comments and I'll add them to the list.


Yes folks, there it is. Our house and garage are the little smudge and blur to the right of it.

Monkey Tail Tree 2 of 2

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And...a view from below, looking up.

Monkey Tail Tree 1 of 2

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By popular request, here are some (admittedly fairly crappy) photos of our Monkey Tail Tree. It's really big. It's big enough that it can be seen by spy satellites (I'm not kidding -- if I can find the satellite photo I'll post that too).

Bristly Flower



This is another macro photo from Sequim. It's a...plant with spikey things.

A Dream

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I had a dream the other night where I could relive other people's lives (using their bodies) at will, but could only "visit" each body once (after I left I had to go back to my own or someone else's). And my regular body aged at normal speed while I was away. I got kinda carried away and by the time I got back to my normal body, I was balding.

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